FIVE STAR RECYCLING, S.L. buy and sell waste at the lowest price anywhere in the world.

FIVE STAR RECYCLING, SL is permanently available to their clients to value their merchandise.

These assessments are made using photographic inform, analyze samples of the material, or by in situ valoration.

After valoration, we purchase of valued material with a competetive Price, so our final customers can obatin final value of the godos.


Motores eléctricos / Electric Motors

Motores automoción / Automotive Engines

Paquete de coches / Baled Cars

Raíles / Railways

Chatarra HMS1 / HMS1

Chatarra HMS2 / HMS2

Recortes / Cuttings

Virutas y fragmentados / Borings

Non ferrous

Aluminio / Aluminium

Bronce / Bronze

Cobre /Copper

Acero / Steel

Latón / Brass

Plomo / Lead

Electrónico / Electronic

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